Robb Benson’s Biography

Robb Benson is a uniquely prolific yet still a confusingly somewhat unknown force in American Indie Pop & Rock. In 1997 his first band Nevada Bachelors signed with PopLlamma records. Ian Koss from Ink 19 wrote about the debut: "Enjoy this before a major label picks up on it and it’s rammed down your throat", but the majors didn't come. The second Bachelors release had writer Alex Steininger of In Music We Trust writing: "Nevada Bachelors write amazingly catchy pop songs - Better than most, too. Thus, this quirky album will become a favorite of yours. I'll give it an A." Sadly, before they followed fellow label mates "The Posies, The Presidents, and The Young Fresh Fellows" onto new great success, guitarist Mike Squires left the group to be a Harvey Danger touring side man, and the Drummer Jason Finn went back to The Presidents of USA (his original group) & the band soon dissolved.

Robb then recorded a solo EP, and quickly formed Dear John Letters. After the groups second release on Seattle's Roam Records Patrick Schabe of Pop Matters wrote: "If practice does make perfect, Benson might well be on his way to becoming a genius. Obviously a busy man, Benson’s gift with melodies and hooks continues to grow, and Unbroken is the bold and confident album of a musician and his incredible band coming fully into their own."

In 2003 their third release "Stories of our Lives" had climbed to #34 on CMJ, on the LA label Foodchain Records. Writer Stan Haukland of INK 19 wrote: "Centered around multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Robb Benson, Dear John Letters' third full-length album establishes the band as an ever more unique force in American indie rock."

Robb Benson was nominated 'Best Seattle Songwriter" three years in a row by the Seattle Weekly Music Awards. (2003, 2004, 2005). Sadly, the group being unable to do more then short tours, became frustrated and broke up.

Robb (although discouraged) continued releasing well received records (with exceptional press reviews), in both in his third group Dept of Energy and via solo CD's. In 2006 Stewart Mason of All Music wrote: "Prolific singer/songwriter Robb Benson has released nearly a dozen albums, both as a solo artist and with his former bands the Nevada Bachelors and the Dear John Letters, over the last decade, but somehow he's never quite broken beyond a tiny cult following. Benson's relative lack of recognition is quite puzzling: Benson blending the best aspects of his Pacific Northwest contemporaries Ben Gibbard and Colin Meloy, his songwriting and production suggest influences that range beyond modern-day indie pop into '70s AM radio. Instantly appealing pop tunes feature great one-liners, memorable tunes; and clever, varied arrangements. Good enough to be the album that finally gets Robb Benson noticed.”

Yet... Robb remained mostly a home town Seattle Favorite, with a few fans scattered across the earth, sharing his music one burn at a time.

The next step was Robb Benson fronting yet another new soulful Indie Rock group "The Glass Notes" featuring Tim DiJulio (lead guitarist of Mike McCready's side project Flight To Mars)... They released their second album in November of 2012, Marco Collins (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame DJ) heard the first single and wrote: "Holy sh*t. Just got an email from the singer Robb of The Glass Notes. He emailed me a new track of his & I am SO BLOWN AWAY by his voice that I Soundclouded this for you to hear... one of the BEST MALE voices I have heard in years! Think Jeff Buckley, Black Crowes, Robin Zander, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin. Fuck, I dunno. JUST AMAZING.”

  Robb was laid off from his 17 year long day job on New Years Eve 2012-2013, this gave him time to focus on his 5th solo album “Cursive Falls From the Sky”. The Seattle station KEXP quickly gave his single “The Way Through” the song of the day nod, and his first review is perhaps his best yet. Caught in the Carousel's Alex Green writes “Benson’s newest solo album Cursive Falls From The Sky is a stunning collection that not only showcases his many skills as a singer/songwriter, it’s also perhaps the best thing he’s ever done. That may sound like no big deal, but consider this: Benson has never written a bad song. In fact, each of his subsequent releases up the ante’ each time, so that it seems he can’t possibly top himself in future endeavors. But he keeps doing it again and again and this time he’s done so in majestic fashion. Cursive is nothing short of a pop clinic, Benson so deep in the pocket, he moves through each number with an ease that can only be described as genius.”

Today Robb is focused his newest incarnation (STEREO EMBERS) featuring his favorite past members including Tim DiJulio on Lead Guitar, Ben Brunn (former NEVADA BACHELORS) on bass, as well as Cassady Laton on drums (His former drummer from both DEAR JOHN LETTERS & DEPT OF ENERGY).  The Group came out of the gate quickly with an opening slot for The Presidents Of the USA, and then Robb recorded the first limited edition band CD in his home studio and it was quickly Championed by Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready. Mike has released a vinyl single of “Wrong way” (Mike’s favorite song) on the new label HockeyTalkter records. They have performed live and had interviews with Mike on PJ radio, and mike has been spotted wearing STEREO EMBERS shirts on many PJ tours as well as late night with Stephen Colbert. The band ventured into Litho studios and has recorded a 5 Song EP with Johnny Sangster... this EP has Opened a lot of doors for the group and they have sold out many local indie clubs in Seattle since the release.

It seems every day new emails from different parts of the world are coming into Robb's inbox thanking him for his previous musical work. After 19 official albums and a whole bunch of new indie electronic underground releases, it seems the word is slowly getting out. Better late then never.

Robb is willing to take on whatever musical challenge is coming next. Everything seems to be pointing up for him and STEREO EMBERS. Check them out in or around the Northwest at club near you!