Robb & his bands have played with many great acts over the years, including: Death Cab for Cutie, The Presidents of the USA, Fountains of Wayne, The Posies, You Am I, Pedro the Lion, Clem Snide, Harvey Danger, The Long Winters, David Garza, The Tractenburg family slideshow players, Scott McCoughey, Visqueen, Shadow Shadow Shade, Wayne Horvitz, Steve Turner, Nelly Fertado, Mike McCready... and way too many others to list.

He’s played shows in Paris France, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Vancouver BC, One thousand two hundred and twenty seven gigs in Seattle and even a few in Germany just last year. 

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Brand new solo album SOUNDTRACK instrumental

It’s probably been said before, but I will say it again: Robb Benson is a mad scientist. I’ve seen it. In his home, he retreats to his basement studio and writes some of the most moving music in Seattle – from pop music to instrumental soundtracks. And that is just what he’s done again with his The Evergreen State Movie Soundtrack

The 12-track record meanders and tumbles, it shines, it builds and crests. How Robb does it? No one really knows. It’s almost as if the man gets possessed with an idea and as he works twisting dials, strumming guitars, singing with his exquisitely beautiful voice, the idea pours and pours out of him. Been to Snoqualmie Falls? It’s like that. Rush after rush of force. But with Robb, the power is in the music – it’s a sonic waterfall.

Robb has had a long history in Seattle, having moved to the city on the tail end of the Grunge era and being a big influence on the town’s music that came after. His bright voice and the collaborations he’s worked on through his life, in a way, symbolize the city’s sound. He’s worked with John Roderick, Death Cab for Cutie, Layne Staley and, more recently, Monarch favorites like Julia Massey, Jesus Rehab, the Hoot Hoots and more.

Evergreen is meant to accompany a film. It is a showcase of Robb’s ability to write virtually any sort of music and pair it with art. He’s been doing it for years in other areas, turning people’s poetry (mine included, in our band The Glass Notes) into lovely songs. Now he may be entering a new part of his career: film scorer. Check out Evergreen and witness Robb’s alchemy in a new incarnation!





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Check out STEREO EMBERS, Robb’s new band’s debut video: